Change IS Possible!

I am Jennifer Downs, MA, LPC, and I believe and have seen that lasting change IS possible! When we are ready to truly face what isn’t working and advance in the world from a place of responsibility and possibility, we discover we have within ourselves the innate capacity for healing. We have the ability to change our internal experience, connect with our inner resources, and make the changes we long for. What we say to ourselves through our thoughts makes all the difference. It is absolutely possible to see and experience things differently. Find out how to transform relationships with yourself and others.

I can’t begin to express the changes I feel. Jennifer’s intuition, wisdom, and compassion are helping me find a part of me I didn’t know was there. My core. Thank you for this amazing gift.
—J., Eagle Point

Everybody Hurts

Every day, some people feel hopeless, run down by their inner critic as they repeat negative past experiences.

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Breaking Free

When the pain gets so bad or the desire to break free from the past grows strong enough, they reach out for help.

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Embracing Change

By working together with me, people discover they have the internal resources to make the changes they long for.

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